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Free First Time Sex Movies

I have seen my fair share of porn movies. Some may even say that I’m addicted, but I can promise you that I am nothing like that. What I simply adore about porn videos is the fact that these people half-act and half-have sex in a form that pleases others rather than them. It is interesting and sexy and I won’t lie I have jerked off to them on plenty of occasions. However, I don’t always do it, I just love watching them and seeing different types of sex. Korean sex movies are my favorite. You may think it is all the same, but there is so much better than that. These clips have a lot of subcategories and I enjoy a lot of them. Here you will find my thoughts on some of these types of XXX videos. These videos of sex are all staged and there is rarely a true video of a chick being de-flowered, even when it is marked to be an amateur video or something like that. It would be very difficult to find somebody to make these types of films and given the age limit to appear in these adult clips, it is good that they don’t exist. However, with a little bit of imagination, it all can be done and experienced as if it were real. In my mind, all these incredible fucking scenes are as good as if they actually happened.

Boy and Girl

This is probably the type of movie that most people watch. It features a first sex session between a boy and a girl. On occasion, these pieces are all about the painful experience and in some cases they even show acted-out forceful, cherry popping. Other scenes are about tender and young love that gets crowned by a love making session that luckily, turns into a nice and long fuck in a teen pussy. It is great to watch them, the actresses are by no means virgins, but they do the trick in making you believe that that cunt is being pounded. It is great jerking off material.

Fist Time Anal

This is not my first choice when I decide to watch porn. However, since I always watch several interracial porn videos in a row, the second or third one would be about a dick going up a tight virgin asshole. Some clips are about older and mature pussies who are experienced in hookups but haven’t had any anal experience yet. While other clips are about virgins that are about to get it in both holes fast and hard. When I’m particularly horny, I get the idea to watch the painful anal experiences. These are probably the kinkiest types of clips that I watch. I don’t really like violence in bed, and although this is not the case of violence, I don’t really like seeing girls suffering. Also, these virgin anal clips are the ones I believe are truly amateur pieces. Guys really enjoy fucking their girlfriends in the ass while recording it and showing it to the world.

Sexy Lesbian Scenes

These scenes I simply adore. They are all about chicks who are actually straight but they get seduced by another girl (or by a tranny). In some of them, both the ladies are straight and that is their first attempt in exploring their sexuality. While in other scenes, one of these lush ladies is already an experienced lesbian who is about to show her friend how exciting and smoking hot it is to go down on a woman. The most frequent XXX tapes are from college girls and their lonely nights in the dorm, where usually, more than one chick joins the fun. Probably the least common vids are where one mature woman seduces another, like a teacher or something similar. I enjoy these clips immensely, especially if there is a little bit of spanking involved as well.

I like watching these first time sex movies because they are so hot and exciting. They are nothing like my first fuck, and to be honest, I don’t think that anybody had a good experience first time and if it was video worthy. Mostly, these are some clumsy and nervous situations that we’re all glad are over and done with. However, we still remember that shyness and anxiety about it, so I guess that watching something like that on XXX sites brings back those memories but from a different point of view. I am simply crazy about them!